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Today I edited this abstract image. Take a look and I'll tell you what it is when you read further.

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Last week, Natasja and I visited Berlin. I took this picture at the Berlin Wall Memorial and wondered what this lamppost had seen over the years it lit this no man's land that divided East and West. Growing up in the cold war, we'd read about escape attempts in the newspapers and witnessed the violent reactions of the Stasi on television. We were so happy when the wall fell. 

And now, standing on this ground, we remembered all that. Maybe for the better, that lamp posts just don't speak.


Sometimes, the best stories are found looking up. Here, a clear sky is used as a perfect, light canvas. Any dark object, like this lamppost, that contrasts the sky, is a potential interesting subject to aim your camera at. Lines and angles that lead the eye can be used to make your composition stronger.


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